Are you a content creator?

Work with Great Brands

We link creators with companies to create campaigns that are in-line with the brand image of both parties.
Do what you do best, produce great content, and let us worry about the rest.

  • Be part of the network of creators.


Powerful data reporting

Data is our language. Our background in social media analytics helps us measure the success of each campaigns so that brands can work with the right creators for subsequent campaigns.

Leading Brands

Work with leading brands

Brands look for creators with experience. We can recommend up-and-coming content creators and connect them with the right brands at each stage of their growth.

Fair Pay

Charge the right fee

We found that 2 bloggers with similar audience and size can be paid a vastly different rate for the same piece. We understand the value creators can create and ensures that brands are on the same page too.


No obligations

No exclusivity contracts. Great creators will receive inbound marketing proposals. We want you to do what is best for your business - never turn down good opportunities that are open to you.

How much does a content creator earn?


We spoke to hundreds of creators to learn more about their process of writing a sponsored post for a brand. We found out that fees are mostly similar for blogs of equal audience size.

We've created a tool to let you find out if you're charging the right fee for your work.