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"PR pitches are the worst. This agency is trying to make them better (and I…I like it)" - Nieman Journalism Lab

Upbeat’s mission is to bring the process of discovering, collaborating, and creating powerful stories into the 21st century.

We admire journalists for their courage to tell stories that matter, and our goal is to update the tools they use to fight the noise and get to the signal in the Internet era.

"As a lifetime journalist - starting as a fact-checker for Forbes Magazine - and a continuing explorer of the truth, I depend on my ability to get to what actually matters. While the Internet has created new opportunities for great journalism to flourish, it also challenges with false information and just too much information overall. How can you choose among 40 sources? How can you tell which product launch to attend? How can you find the people who are not paid to tell you the story, but who are willing to tell you the truth?

I've invested in startups to solve the problem of information overload, and Upbeat is among the best. The team understands media and have what it takes to create a practical, useful tool for journalists."

Esther Dyson

A sneak peek at what we're making

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Enhanced inbox

Extremely low signal-to-noise ratio in your pitch inbox? We help you dig up the stuff that matters,

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Relationship tracker

Working on a story but looking for a contact? Need to organize your list or sources?

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Expert finder

Need access to sources and experts? We can help and we can do it quickly.

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