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Case Study Uber Security Team’s Vendor Security Alliance: Pitching The Smaller Storylines In Your Enterprise Organization

Pictures of Vendor Security Alliance Coverage


In September 2016, a coalition of leading tech companies concerned about internet security, including Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, and Dropbox, set out to announce they were forming the Vendor Security Alliance (VSA). Bringing together top security experts and experienced compliance officers in an unprecedented way, the VSA releases a yearly questionnaire to benchmark vendor cybersecurity risk, establishing clear standards for vendors and partners.

How Upbeat Made a Difference

While the VSA originated as an initiative led by Uber’s security team, larger companies like Uber and Airbnb are often too busy to spotlight all of their collaborations and noteworthy projects with in-house PR, so VSA approached Upbeat as an on-demand, external PR solution to make sure the launch is smooth. Although VSA’s mission isn’t the easiest to explain to those unfamiliar with the cybersecurity world, Upbeat leveraged the big-name brands of VSA’s member organizations and focused on finding the right targets who can appreciate the story’s significance. Thanks to Upbeat’s outreach, VSA was featured in the Wall Street Journal, as well as a number of other smaller, more specialty publications like CyberScoop and Dark Reading. As the Alliance gained traction, Upbeat continues to be a partner in disseminating information about the latest milestones and offering up VSA’s expertise to reporters.

Sample Coverage

These are just some of the coverage we got for Uber Security Team’s Vendor Security Alliance.

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