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Case Study Sentio: Powering an All-Time Crowdfunding Record

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Superbook was born out of a dream to put laptop functionality into the hands of every smartphone user, at a fraction of the cost of traditional laptops. Just plug your smartphone into the Superbook, and voila: access to all your smartphone apps on an 11.6-inch screen. Superbook’s technology has the potential to change the game for mobile-first markets in the developing world, where smartphone access doesn’t always translate into ability to complete complex computer projects. Sentio, the team behind Superbook, has finally done it—creating a $139 Android-compatible laptop shell with great battery life and near-universal compatibility. Thanks to a smashing Kickstarter campaign, Superbook is shipping in 2017.

How Upbeat Made a Difference

Sentio reached out to Upbeat before launching on Kickstarter in June 2016, and the rest is history. Over the course of Superbook’s one-month campaign, Upbeat was able to secure media placements for the $99 laptop shell in Mashable, Digital Trends, Android Authority, and Forbes. This buzz, which trickled down to blogs and smaller media outlets, helped fuel Superbook to a crowdfunding record. Superbook raised $2.95 million from over 16,000 contributors, an all-time Kickstarter record for hardware campaigns.

When Samsung announced its DeX desktop dock for the Galaxy S8, Sentio saw an opportunity to rejoin the media conversation and help inform journalists that the move by Samsung is actually playing catch-up to what the team at Sentio has already perfected . Upbeat launched a campaign within hours, and secured Superbook a new wave of mentions alongside DeX, as well as a full-length feature in Business Insider positioning them as innovators in the space.

Upbeat rocked it. We spent a lot of time prior to our campaign launch trying to get journalists to care, when Kickstarter campaigns had been such a common occurrence that it was no longer newsworthy. The team helped us tell our story and get it out to the right folks. Over the course of our Kickstarter campaign, we had writers from a ton of major publications cover us using Upbeat material and the story they pitched. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to stand out among the crowd of people pitching journalists.

Andrew Jiang
Andrew Jiang CEO at Sentio

Sample Coverage

These are just some of the coverage we got for Sentio.

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