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Case Study ShapeScale: A Self-Organized Media Tour and Launch Partner

Pictures of ShapeScale Coverage


Shape, a Y Combinator company founded by 2 fitness-loving hardware entrepreneurs, is bringing the 3D-scanning revolution to the fitness space. Their product: the ShapeScale, a sensor-enabled scale that scans your body down to the nearest millimeter, allowing you to track your workout and diet progress daily, in staggering resolution. The scale is a one-piece device that doesn’t require you to move around or swivel, and is fully equipped to take photorealistic scans. In the future, Shape hopes to use its 3D bodyscan technology as a platform for clothing manufacturers, personal trainers, tailors, and insurance companies.

How Upbeat Made a Difference

Like a classic scrappy startup, Shape knew it had to demonstrate its product in-person but did not want to retain a traditional agency, so they booked event space in SF and NYC themselves, and contacted Upbeat to help with a DIY media tour. When Shape came to Upbeat, the media tour dates were coming up in a week and a half and the team needed help filling the calendar with demo sessions. Within 36 hours, Upbeat quickly turned around a round of targeted media invites in SF and NYC, filling Shape’s calendar with demos with media outlets like CNET and PC World.

A week later, with demos underway, Upbeat got to work spreading word of ShapeScale’s official public launch—embargoing the release of all stories for the launch date, so that writers who demoed the scale and those who didn’t all wrote just in time for the launch, fueling a wave of preorders and new partnership interest.

We have been thoroughly impressed by Upbeat's organizational skills and swift turnaround from onboarding, messaging to outreach. Their sleek platform made collaboration for us extremely easy and made the entire process very transparent.

Martin Kessler
Martin Kessler Co-Founder & COO at Shape

Sample Coverage

These are just some of the coverage we got for ShapeScale.

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