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Case Study Juicebox: A Coordinated Product Launch

Juicebox Article on San Francisco Chronicle


Sex education is severely lacking and even illegal in many parts of the country. As a result, people of all ages are left without the resources to learn and socially engage on the topics of sex and relationships. Juicebox is an anonymous mobile app that allows users to ask questions to trained professionals, view other answers, and discuss different topics in a light-hearted and informative environment.

How Upbeat Made a Difference

The main goal of Juicebox’s founder was to make sure that we approached the media with the perfect messaging, so we carefully collaborated on story development. Ahead of the app’s launch, we curated and pitched journalists across a number of verticals and mediums.

We coordinated with the journalists so that stories came out the week of the launch in national publications such as The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle and Fast Company, as well as targeted publications such as Elite Daily and XO Jane.

My favorite aspect of working with Upbeat is the resources page they build and manage for your company. When juggling many journalists, it's efficient and a relief to be able to send them all to a story page with needed information, links, and images.

Upbeat kept Juicebox organized during a stressful period when there were several journalists emailing each day for more information. Upbeat helped us successfully target new publications, landed many well-targeted articles, and gave us many new contacts.

The crew at Upbeat is kind, thoughtful, and there to help you meet your goals.

Brianna Rader
Brianna Rader Founder, Juicebox It

Sample Coverage

These are just some of the coverage we got for Juicebox.

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