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Case Study Expii: Broad PR Partnership With The Head of U.S. Math Olympiad Team

Expii and Po-Shen Loh


Po-Shen Loh is not just a professor of mathematics at Carnegie Mellon and the coach of the first U.S. Math Olympiad team to win in 21 years. He’s also the founder of Expii, an open, personalized learning platform that’s disrupting the education space by crowdsourcing interactive lessons across nearly 10,000 topics. Not only that, he’s a partner behind the Spirit of Ramanujan Math Talent Initiative alongside Guggenheim Fellow Ken Ono and Fields Medalist Manjul Bhargava

How Upbeat Made a Difference

PR is core to Po’s strategy with Expii. We work with Po on a monthly basis starting with a call with his media strategist to carefully plan out what story to bring to journalists each month. From Po’s personal story to tying Expii to current events to being associated with a film, the strategist works to garner attention from various media verticals, reaching a wide range of audiences. We’ve had his stories featured in EdSurge, The Washington Post, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the nationally syndicated RealClear Radio Hour.

Upbeat has efficiently and effectively connected Expii with a wide range of reporters, covering topics from sports to education, in publications with national scope. If you have a good story, Upbeat will land placements in top level outlets. I'd recommend their experienced team of on-demand pitchers as the solution for any startup debating whether to run their own PR in-house, or to contract out to a traditional PR agency.

Po-Shen Loh
Po-Shen Loh Founder of Expii, Coach of the U.S. Math Olympiad Team, Professor of Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon

Sample Coverage

These are just some of the coverage we got for Expii.

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