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Case Study 9GAG: Instantly Seize the Media Opportunity from Competitor News and Viral Stunts

Pictures of 9GAG Coverage


9GAG is the leading global millennial content platform, supporting meme, GIF, and game-sharing for a global audience of over 150 million. While its users are constantly sharing the word about 9GAG on and offline, 9GAG aims to be a more active participant in the media conversation surrounding digital culture, especially as the company ramps up on the business side. 9GAG’s primary strategy, staying true to its nature, is by orchestrating brand-building stunts both online and in the “real world.”

How Upbeat Made a Difference

When news broke that Twitter was shutting down Vine, 9GAG initiated a tactical project that helped Vine users to back up their videos. Upbeat responded and instantly spun up a pitching campaign on-demand, finding journalists who’d written about Vine’s demise and scoring 9GAG timely coverage in PC Magazine and Tech In Asia. A few months later, 9GAG collaborated with Upbeat once again. This time, they had contracted an advertising agency to help pull off a meme-worthy stunt of carving the hottest internet memes onto a 24-ton rock and then burying the rock in the middle of a desert for future generations to unearth. While the stunt was executed without a hitch, producing very shareable content, they realized they did not have enough time or capacity to pitch for media attention. Upbeat came in and in a matter of days, got the shrine written up in The Next Web.

Sample Coverage

These are just some of the coverage we got for 9GAG.

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