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Blog Monetization Calculator

Please enter your blog's monthly pageviews and category to see a rough estimate of how much your site could be making with display advertising vs. native advertising.

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Display Advertising

Banner ads, adsense links, pop-ups etc

- $

Est. Monthly Revenue

Calculated with averaged RPM & RPC values
Breakdown these numbers

Est. Monthly RPM Revenue

With an optimistic 100% fill-rate

Average RPC

Source: Google Q3 2012 * No data for an exact figure

Est. Monthly RPC Revenue

With an optimistic CTR of 0.5%

Are these numbers for Display Ads accurate?

No, but they are a fair guide. These are historical data from Google in 2011 and 2012.

Your revenue will vary on
① your choice of ad network
② your website optimization and ad settings for a good fill-rate
③ engagement level of your audience.

Native Advertising

Sponsored posts, product reviews etc

- $

Est. Monthly Revenue

Calculated for 2 sponsored pieces per month
Explain these numbers

Why is there such a big variance for native ads revenue?

  • complexity of project
    (1 Instagram post vs 5mins YouTube video)
  • spending power of audience of your niche
    (finance vs food)
  • creator's ability to negotiate for the best price**
    (no standard-rate in the industry)

** We found that two blogs with the same audience can sell a sponsored post for $100 vs $4000.

Do you know the right value for your time and content?

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