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Media outreach made easy

Getting your company’s story out there is a process. Let us save you the headache. Our media experts and proprietary software do it for you to save time and money. See why over 400 companies have trusted Upbeat with their PR.

"PR pitches are the worst. This agency is trying to make them better (and I…I like it)" - Nieman Journalism Lab

Upbeat in the Press

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Process Media Outreach Campaigns

Over the course of four weeks, our PR experts will guide you through the entire media outreach process while you monitor our progress in real-time.

Campaign Timeline

We will work with you to make your story media-ready, identify the best journalists for your story, pitch it, and follow-up with anyone interested. On your end, setup is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Tell us your story

You tell us your story over the phone or in writing (press release or blog post).

We’ll use our story editor to turn it into a beautiful landing page for journalists with in-depth analytics.

2. Build your gameplan

You tell us who you want us to reach out to, and when.

We’ll find journalists that we've worked with who are right for your story, and send a plan over for you to approve.

3. Pitch your story

We’ll pitch your story and do everything we can to get reporters talking to you.

You monitor progress in real time from our dashboard and talk to interested reporters.

How much does Upbeat cost?

Annual Membership: $800/year (includes 1 Campaign)

Launch additional four-week Campaigns at any time for only $500.

Your quest for media coverage doesn't stop at the end of the four-week campaign because journalists do not work around your schedule. Retaining an agency to continue contacting journalists can cost as much as $20,000 a month. Upbeat's Membership improves your chances at media coverage over time by refining your stories and angles, identifying new media opportunities, and monitoring ways to act as sources for journalists.

What do I get as a Upbeat Member?

  • Launch outreach campaigns at any time for just $500 per campaign
  • Ongoing maintenance of your previous campaigns and media relationships
  • Real-time analytics on our dashboard for all media outreach efforts
  • Hosting for your media briefs and assets
  • Media opportunity monitoring for journalists who need sources or experts
  • Regular access to PR experts, including feedback and brainstorming sessions with your dedicated media strategist

Talk to a PR expert!

Testimonials Here's what our clients think

As someone whose work draws a lot of press attention— from emoji to documentaries to books — I find it helpful to use Upbeat to supplement my own media outreach.

They are able to help me get in touch with journalists that I don't know myself. Some of these are smaller publications that can do high quality pieces, which is really important when you are trying to get the word out, as well as larger ones — like The Los Angeles Times.

Jennifer 8. Lee
Jennifer 8. Lee CEO of Plympton, Dumpling Emoji Activist, Co-Creator of Emojicon, and former New York Times Reporter Among Other Things

Upbeat's innovative model is perfect for non-profits like ours. We work with Upbeat every month to get the word out about our events, programs, and awards aimed at highlighting the Latino leaders in our community. They are a critical partner for our media strategy.

Antonio Tijerino
Antonio Tijerino President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and former PR Executive at Burson-Marsteller, Nike and Fannie Mae.
Cynthia Pleitez
Cynthia Pleitez Communications and Marketing Strategist at Hispanic Heritage Foundation

What can Upbeat pitch for you?

If it's a good story, we can pitch it for any industry or geography.

Launch your company or product

Whether it’s your company or a new product coming out of the gate, let us handle PR for your launch.

Establish yourself as the thought leader

When journalists come looking for an expert take, we show them to you.

Local appeal

Do you have stories with a strong local appeal? We can help you find tight-knit local audiences.

Work with expert analysts

Want to work yourself into an industry newsletter or insider blog? We can help.

Stories with a news peg

There’s a hot story on your mind — Pokemon Go, let’s just say — we find the best way to connect you to it.

Move the industry conversation forward

If your industry’s hot, we make it our mission to insert you in the middle of the conversation.

Reviews of your product

We can be your bridge to bloggers and influencers who can introduce your product to their audience.

Seasonal stories and tips

Whether it’s tax season or Halloween, the calendar is full of reasons to tell your story.

Highlighting trends

Trendsetter? We tap into media interest in a trend that you’re part of, and make the case that you’re the best example of it.

In-house research and insights

Does your team have unique data insights? Let us translate them into journalist-speak.

Crowdfunding campaigns

We back your Kickstarter or GoFundMe account with aggressive media outreach from start to finish.

Cool promotions and stunts

About to do something with viral potential? We have the scale and speed to promote your latest stunt or product promotion.

Am I a fit for Upbeat?

We've helped over 400 companies with PR. See more case studies from, Uber Security Team's Vendor Security Alliance, Superbook's $3M Kickstarter Campaign, and more!

Sign up today to see how Upbeat can help, whether you're a Fortune 500 company, startup, small business, or side project.

$800 for a 1-year membership
(Includes your first Campaign)

Launch additional media outreach campaigns any time for only $500.
Our membership replaces the monthly PR agency retainer for a fraction of the cost, and our pricing model enables you to scale up and down your PR needs.

  • Ongoing maintenance of your campaigns and media relationships
  • Hosting for your media briefs with in-depth analytics
  • Media opportunity monitoring
  • Feedback and brainstorming sessions with your dedicated media strategist